Your last housework is gone and you have no idea why? We’ll tell you how to skip the typical pitfalls while writing your next housework!

Typical error in the housework No. 1: Wrong topic

The choice of topic takes time and a carefully chosen topic is the basic requirement for the successful writing of a term paper! First and foremost, you should be interested in the matter. It does not help anyone if you realize after registering the chores that the topic is not for you. Therefore, research sufficiently in advance to get an accurate picture of the topic. It is important that you present your choice of topic early to the supervisor of your housework and discuss your ideas with him. So you can make sure that you are not on the wrong track and you may be able to re-focus the topic together. When choosing a theme you should always have the time in mind. So, before you decide, ask yourself: Can I edit the topic within the deadline?

Typical mistake in the housework No. 2: wrong timing

“Kevin Johansen sings and is right!” Is “Timing is the answer to success”! Writing a thesis is usually associated with a registration and submission deadline. And the time that lies in between, you should use optimally. Because bad timing is often associated with a bad result. The best way to do that is to create a timetable: how many weeks do you want to plan for the literature search? How many for the letter? How many weeks do you need for the fine grinding? It is important to leave a few days buffer at the end. Something is usually not going to plan!

Typical mistake in housework No. 3: Lack of reflection level

One of the common mistakes in term papers is that the topic is merely described but the analysis fails. Scientific work does not just mean to reproduce literature! You have to discuss a problem! So: do not just put together quotes from different authors. Rather, try to organize the substance and judge and evaluate it yourself. The independent scientific preparation of a topic is difficult, but the nuts and bolts of a good housework! For such an analysis to succeed, you have to deal extensively with the literature. The more you read, the easier it will be for you to find a common thread and gain a scientific perspective on the subject.

Typical mistake in housework No. 4: Sliding with the mold

In every housework certain formalities must be observed. Who thinks the shape is not so important, was far from it! Because the formal structure of a housework first jumps into the eye of the proofreader. And if the first impression is bad, it is difficult to convince the proofreader solely by the content of the brilliance of the work. But no worry! Often the faculties or faculties issue a guide to the formal requirements of a scientific paper. You should definitely stick to them! Because each course of study has different requirements for the page size, the font, font size, etc. Otherwise, there are a few rules of thumb that must be kept simple. These include the cover sheet, a stringent outline of the housework, proper and clean citation (no plagiarism!) And a complete bibliography (in alphabetical order!). In addition, at the end of the work, a declaration must be made. In this you assure that you have written the housework independently and only with the help of the proven aids. More about “How is a housework formally structured?” You will find again summarized in our magazine.

Typical mistake in housework No. 5: Incorrect spelling

As simple as it sounds: Install the latest spelling program on your computer! Orthographical errors are an absolute no-go in scientific papers and easy to avoid compared to the other possible errors. Unnecessary spelling errors only interrupt the reader’s flow of reading and draw his attention away from the content to the outer form of the text. If you want to convince yourself with your content, make sure that you do not even write them together and it’s best to share your chores with two different people. So you will find the last spelling errors that have crept into your work! The same applies of course to the punctuation.

Typical mistake in the housework No. 6: Too high-pitched writing style

A scientific discussion that nobody understands does not help anyone. Therefore renounce to an incomprehensible writing style! Anyone who thinks he can convince the proofreader of his knowledge through a lofty writing style was wrong. Kinky sentence structures make understanding difficult. They also mislead you into believing that you’re hiding behind the sentence construction because you do not really have anything to say. If you know something, you can explain it in a nutshell. The motto is therefore: Short concise statements lead the reader faster to the goal. Of course that does not mean that you can use colloquial language. Orient yourself when writing on jargon.

Typical mistake in housework No. 7: Inaccurate work

Before you hand in your chores, you should definitely do a fine-tuning. Even if you usually have no desire: In the final correction, you often notice more inconsistencies than you think! Check your footnotes: Are they complete? Is every author spelled correctly? Did you quote consistently? Does your bibliography match your quotes? Also check if your structure is stringent! After 5.1. comes 5.3? That can happen, but it must be changed. After printing, you should again check whether the font and size, and the page spacing remained the same. Sometimes the typeface changes automatically (for example, when converting to PDF format) and the form is gone. Accordingly applies here: Dear once again leaf through the pages!