Academic support for your master’s thesis

A master’s thesis goes well beyond the level of a bachelor thesis.

Depending on the university-specific requirements, the scope varies between 70 and 100 pages and thus covers about twice as much as a bachelor thesis. While the formal requirements hardly differ from those of the first thesis, the content level must be significantly higher. The aim is to work on a specific scientific problem independently, taking into account the current state of research, and to broaden existing theoretical approaches with your own ideas and to arrive at your own conclusions. It is always advisable to find a subject in the literature but not subject to the usual flood of publications.

The requirements of a Master’s thesis can not be fulfilled without substantiating the choice of research question and methodology in the introduction and being able to situate his work in the current state of research. In the main part, as with the bachelor thesis, it is important not to lose sight of the central theme of the argument, which is indispensable for answering the key question, despite the breakdown into four or even five levels. Above all, the theory-related part of the work must not be neglected and, in addition, one has to dig deeper into the positions and the meta-positions (why does the author choose a certain theoretical approach and no other and what interests does he pursue?) Of the authors of others dealing with scientific works.

Our academics will help you with the master thesis

Experience has shown that many students think that twice as much work as the bachelor thesis will do twice as long. But this is a fallacy, because only for reading in a topic, the specification of a question and the reading of relevant literature calculated the time needed not linear, but exponential. Anyone who does not consider this in good time before preparing the Master’s thesis quickly comes up with time problems, either due to the late start of work or because of being overwhelmed by the need to penetrate the topic in the given time. Both reasons can then lead to a superficial way of working and one gets annoyed about a bad grade, which can considerably lower the overall average.

So that it does not come that far at all, you should not be afraid to seek help from our very experienced and competent academics in writing scientific papers. It does not matter if it’s only about the completion of the last pages, whole chapters or the template for a complete work. It is important that you do not first contact us a few weeks, but a few months before the deadline. Like you, we want you to successfully write and complete your master’s thesis, especially as the master’s degree can decide on future career opportunities. In order for the work to be successful and to meet your individual wishes, every academic needs a lot of time to research relevant literature and of course will seek consultation with you.

Important information and tips for the master thesis

The master’s thesis should be about twice that of a bachelor’s thesis, i. between 70 and 100 pages. The main difference is not in the page number, but the big jump in level, which must be completed. By being classified in the current state of science, a usually special scientific problem has to be recorded and processed independently. While this may sound similar to the requirement profile of a bachelor thesis, the analysis of the problem must be much more profound, i. using subject-specific theories. Existing theoretical approaches must be broadened or refuted with your own thoughts, and in any case intensively thought through. So that you do not accidentally outsource your thoughts as your own, it is always advisable to choose a topic that is as unnoticed as possible in the research literature. However, in view of the barely manageable number of publications in all fields of expertise, this has become difficult and it takes a long time to research until a niche topic has been found for the Master’s thesis. Once this hurdle has been overcome, it is important to have a good introduction, in which the relevance of the topic and a critically reflected consideration of the methods used are made. In the main part, it is important, despite the large number of levels (in a large master’s thesis, it can be up to five) not lose sight of the overall concept and the argumentative guide, so that each chapter leads to the answer to the key question.

Normally you have six months to write the master’s thesis. Do not fall for the fallacy, this is more than enough time, so you have to start later. Especially the conceptual preparatory work takes up a large part of the working time and should therefore be carried out as early as possible. The actual writing process is then, even if 80 pages or more want to be filled, no longer the main problem.

Instead, other problems may arise during the work: one finds no or not sufficiently current literature, one has problems with the structure or a theory chapter seems too difficult because of its high degree of abstraction or main argument threatening to blur. In such cases, our academics will be at your side with expertise, experience in academic writing and reliability to ensure the quality of the Master’s thesis. It is possible to create a complete template for you to orientate yourself and rediscover the common thread. Another service is to take over the preparation of individual sections, the search for suitable literature or proofreading for you as a professional proofreader.