What is the master thesis

The master thesis …

  • … has a size of 60-80 pages,
  • … is associated with a workload of 30 LP and for a processing time of 6 months
  • … can be started if 42 LP can be proven in completed modules
  • … will be registered in the Examination Office on fixed dates (in February and July respectively for the following semester)
  • … can be supervised by these examiners.

Collapse content The master’s thesis as evidence of scientific competenceThe master’s thesis as proof of scientific competence

The master’s thesis serves to demonstrate the ability to work independently and to independently analyze scientific problems through the written presentation and processing of an educational / educational topic.

The students should be in a position to present the results of their scientific discussion appropriately in writing in terms of methodology and content.

The master’s thesis deals with a fundamental topic of study and serves as proof of acquired scientific competence. An evaluation sheet containing relevant criteria for evaluating your work can be found – also for self-control

The master thesis as an element of profiling

The master’s thesis serves not least as an important element of one’s own profiling. It provides an opportunity to study a topic in depth over a longer period of time and thus to gain some expertise in this area. It thus plays an important role both for the desired occupational field as well as for possible scientific further qualification.

The master thesis as contact to the field of work

The master’s thesis can also be written in cooperation with a pedagogical institution that has an interest in the results of the thesis or even a very specific research question, which can be worked on in the context of the master’s thesis. For this, the early contact and very good arrangements between the institution, the supervisor and the author is essential.

Collapse content How can I register for the Master’s thesis? How can I register for the Master’s thesis?

The report on the Master’s Thesis will be sent to the Examination Office of the Department 21 for Diplom-Master-Promotion. You can enroll in the Master’s thesis as soon as you have 42 credits in completed modules. Please plan your masters phase early! The notification always takes place at the end of the previous semester (February or July). For the current reporting dates, please refer to the homepage of the examination office and the notices. The process of the message is as follows:

Own preparation:

Please check if you will provide the prerequisite for the registration (40 credits in completed modules).

Complete necessary modules before the registration deadline. Calculate correction times for chores in your planning! Registration for an exam or the submission of a thesis is not sufficient for the completion of a module. It must be proof of passing the exam! Pass exams with sufficient lead time for examiner and exam office and discuss the schedule with your examiners.

Contact the supervisor of your choice in good time and discuss the topic! All professors of the institute as well as doctoral students of the middle school who teach in the master’s degree are entitled to take the examination for the master’s thesis. You can find a list here.

The message:

Pre-registration: Please register in the schedule in the Examination Office (further information on the pre-registration can be found on the homepage of the Examination Office).

Message: For the notification you bring along all necessary documents (see registration form). The examination office can use the HIS-POS examination system to see whether you meet the requirements for reporting.

Work phase: Your work phase begins with the successful notification. You have six months time. An extension of working hours is possible under certain conditions (illness, raising children, caring for relatives, own disability). Further information can be found in the relevant study guide for you.

Handing in the work: The work will be handed over to the opening hours in the examination office by the appointed deadline. The delivery takes place in person or by registered mail.